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    Why buy expensive equipment for occasional use when you can rent it? Our Rental Program provides a great way to save!

    The FIS Rental Department offers OTDR's, Fusion Splicers and Test Sets, which you may rent for 1 week to 1 month or long if needed. These units are well maintained and calibrated to ensure top performance.

    Fusion splicers for rent come with a cleaver and one spare set of electrodes. OTDRs for rent are supplied with a launch cable and required accessories.

    For more information: Email FIS Rentals or call at 1.800.5000.FIS

    Fusion Splicer Rentals

    AFL FSM-70S Fusion Splicer

    FIS CA3

    OTDR Rentals

    AFL FlexScan

    EXFO FTB 720C

    Fiber Optic Test Equipment Rental

    Fluke DSX-5000



    EXFO Max Tester