John Bruno training at Brightside

Fiber Optic Training

From the Nation's Leader in Fiber Optics

As the nation’s leading supplier of fiber optics, FIS founded FIS University in 1995 to meet the ever-growing demand to train professionals within the fiber optic industry. Over the last fifteen years, FIS University has trained over 10,000 professionals in both basic and advanced techniques related to connectorization, testing and fiber optic splicing.

Our training staff has over 18 years of industry experience in both field and network engineering capacities. Not only do you learn from the nation’s leading fiber optic experts but you could also earn BICSI CEC’s for RCDD, LAN Specialist, and/or Installation, and earn transferable college credits. Fiber optic training can be customized to focus one or more of the following areas:

• Practical, Hands-On Training
• Connectorization Techniques
• Test Equipment Operation
• Fusion Splicing
• OTDR Operation
• Installation and Restoration
• LAN Applications
• SOC Certification

Training is provided by our nationally renowned instructor, John Bruno. John started with FIS in 1996 and with his B.S. in Computer Science became the Computer Network Manager while also overseeing FIS’s equipment rental program. Soon after, John’s comprehension and passion for fiber optic technologies became apparent and he was tapped to become a full time fiber optic trainer.

Greatest Fiber Optic Trainer in the World

Over the past 18 years John’s ‘down-to-earth’ methods and style have allowed him to train over 10,000 students in a variety of industries such as CATV, mining, broadcast, telco and various government agencies.

"I get the greatest satisfaction when I hear that a student or a company that I have trained goes on to be successful with fiber optics. Being afforded the opportunity to forge lasting relationships while providing a great service make me grateful to each participant in my classes."

See our training schedule below and find out when we will be in a location near you. We schedule fiber optic training classes throughout the U.S., including Brightside on Raquette Lake, our Adirondack Mountain training site.  Don't forget about our corporate class option where we set up custom trainings for you at your location.

Cost (Per Person ONLY)

Two-Day Class: $450.00
Day One Class: $225.00
Day Two Class: $275.00
Brightside Class: $600.00

For more information on our fiber optic training or custom corporate classes contact our training department. Contact Training Coordinator Grace Edel ( or call 1-800-500-0347 x2169.

2014 Fiber Optic Training Schedule provided by FIS University

January 28-29: Albany, NY
Feburary 10-11: Dallas, TX
Feburary 12-13: Houston, TX
Feburary 25-26: Cincinnati, OH
March 10-11: Kansas City, MO
March 12-13: Indianapolis, IN
March 25-26: Hartford, CT
April 5-6: Jackson, MS
April 9-10: New Orleans, LA
April 22-23: Philadelphia, PA
May 5-6: Los Angeles, CA
May 7-8: Las Vegas, NV
May 20-21: Baltimore, MD
June 3-4: Minneapolis, MN
June 23-25: Brightside, NY
July 14-16: Brightside, NY
August 11-13: Brightside, NY
August 25-27: Brightside, NY
September 15-17: Brightside, NY
September 22-24: Brightside, NY
October 6-8: Brightside, NY
October 20-22: Brightside, NY
November 3-4: Charleston, SC
November 5-6: Atlanta, GA
November 18-19: Philadelphia, PA
December 1-2: Boston, MA
December 3-4: New York City
December 18-19: Detroit, MI

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Hands-on instruction with theory provides the knowledge needed in today’s fiber optic applications.

Day One – Fiber Optic Course

Basic Fiber Optic Theory

• Advantages of Fiber Optic Theory
• Components in a Link
• Layers of a Simplex Cable
• Singlemode vs. Multimode
• Laser Optimized Multimode – OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4
• Bend Insensitive Fiber
• Multifiber Cable Configurations
• Fiber Optic Connectors

FIS SC Connectorization Workshop

• Cable Preparation
• Curing and Scribing
• Polishing

Microscope Operation and Connector Polish Analysis

• Diagnosing Polishing IssuesCracks, Chips, Shatters, etc.
• Use of JDSU USB Inspection Probe

Day Two – Advanced Fiber Optics

Fiber Optic Review and Self Test Power Meter and Light Source Theory and Workshop

• PM and LS Operation
• Hands-On Instruction

OTDR Theory and Workshop

• How an OTDR Works
• Events • Reflective vs. Non-Reflective
• ORL and Connector Polishes
• How to Read an OTDR Trace
• OTDR Workshop

Advanced Fiber Optic Theory

• Attenuators
• Couplers/Splitters

Mechanical Splicing Theory and Workshop

• Assembly of SC Bobtail™ Quick Term Connector

Fusion Splicing Theory and Workshop

• Hands-On Instruction

Splice-On Connector Installation and Certification

• SOC Installation