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    Building Information Modeling (BIM) uses multi-dimensional, spatial models that incorporate detailed product information for the building components. FIS can render 3-D representations of physical objects that can be rotated and examined from every angle on a computer screen before purchasing a product. Customers can download our 3-D models to view, manipulate and examine.

    To support our partners using BIM initiatives, FIS provides a growing library BIM models of our rack mounts, cassettes, adapter panels, system management and light fixtures. These models are provided in multiple formats (Revit, DWF) for optimal compatibility with today's leading BIM software programs including Autodesk® Revit® and Bentley® MicroStation.
    *Software is required to view models in multiple file formats.*

    • 3D Models of YOUR Product/Prototype
    • View, Examine and Manipulate
    • Upload prototypes without shipping a physical one
    • Save Time & Money




    BIM fiber optic Rack Mount
    System Managment Rack Mount

    The FIS Rack Mount Enclosures are designed for low or high density patching applications. This sturdy 14 gauge rack enclosure is available in 2, 3, 4, and 9U versions. This unit provides a removable door with front and back access to the slide-out tray. The FIS Enclosures accommodates 19” or 23” racks.

    Download DWF viewer:
    Download Revit:


    BIM Fiber Optic adapter panels
    Adapter Panels

    The FIS fiber optic adapter panels provide flexibility to installer by allowing enclosures to be populated with a number of different connector styles and density levels. All adapter panels utilize a plunger type push pin to secure panel into the rack mount, wall mount or outside plant enclosure.

    Download DWF viewer:
    Download Revit:

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    BIM Fiber Optic Cassettes

    FIS offers a variety of low-loss MTP cassettes for Data Center and high-density solutions. The standard cassettes can accommodate 12 and 24 ports. This is done by utilizing the LC connector for the front interface. The cassettes can be made with any type of fiber. The standard fiber types used are 50µm 10gig (OM3) and Singlemode (OS1). Cassettes using connectors other than LC can also be made.

    Download DWF viewer:
    Download Revit:


    BIM Fiber Optic Frame Rack
    19" Open Frame Rack

    Open Frame Racks provide simple, low cost mounting means for rack-mount equipment in IT environments. Ideal for rack-mount servers, networking, and telecom equipment where security at the individual rack level is not required, open frame racks provide unobstructed airflow and fast, easy access to installed equipment.

    Download DWF viewer:
    Download Revit:

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