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  • January 2017

    Kick-off 2017 With FIS

    November 2016

    November Featured Products

    October 2016

    Is Your Network CPRI Ready?

    August 2016

    Real-time Signal Mapping

    July 2016

    Calibration Services

    May 2016

    FIS has your solution for cable tie management.

    April 2016

    FIS Featured Products of the Month.

    March 2016

    FIS is your Total Manufacturing Solution.

    February 2016

    Read this solution on testing access & premise fibers.

    January 2016

    Read this solution about the OTDR that analyzes in gigabits.

    December 2015

    FIS Services
    Read this solution about DAS training.

    November 2015

    FIS Services
    Read this solution about FIS helps you with Long Term Equipment Rentals

    October 2015

    FTTx / PON Testing Simplified
    Read this solution about how OTDRs has been the workhorse of optical fiber installation and maintenance for over 30 years and what dramatic changes have occurred making them better suited for field use.

    September 2015

    Turn Your Mobile Device into an Essential Fiber Test Tool
    Read this solution about turning your mobile device into a Fiber Optic Tool.

    August 2015

    Is Your Network CPRI Ready?
    Read this solution about adoption of Centralized-Radio Networks (C-RAN or Cloud-RAN) has been on the rise as operators are busy increasing bandwidth of mobile communications networks.

    Featured Product - Anritsu MT1000A Network Master Pro
    Anritsu’s Network Master™ Pro MT1000A supports new technologies in Mobile Fronthaul networks; CPRI, CPRI over OTN and OBSAI.

    July 2015

    FIS Enclosures Offer Application Compatibility and Versatility
    All FIS enclosures utilize LGX (Light Guide Cross Connects) compatible adapter panels, snap packs, and cassettes. Being that LGX specifications define attributes such as adapter height, width, and pin spacing, our enclosures offer compatibility and versatility with new or existing applications.

    Featured Product - FIS Custom Enclosures and Pre-Terminated Solutions
    Read the solution about concept to development to product production.

    May 2015

    Make Cable Installation a 'Breeze'

    Featured Product - GMP Breeze Cable Blower
    Read the solution “Breeze,” a micro fiber cable blowing machine, uses compressed air to make cable installation, well, a breeze. The equipment can stream micro cable though preinstalled micro duct over distances of up to 3,200 ft. (975 m).

    Read the Communicator article about Cable Blowing

    April 2015

    What Type of Fiber Optic Cable Should I Use For Limited Space Applications?
    Read this solution about what type of fiber optic cable should you use for limited space applications.

    Featured Product - TLC Micro-Distribution Fiber Optic Cable with 2mm Subunits
    TLC’s newest offering, Micro-Distribution with 2mm Subunits offers the ultimate in space saving constructions

    • 250um color coded bare fiber
    • 12 bare fibers per subunit up to
    • 144 fiber constructions
    • Available in a fiber types
    • Meets the application requirement of National Electric Code (NEC) Article 770
    • OFNP rated

    March 2015

    Finding It Difficult To Monitor Critical Networks and Custom Device Groups?
    Read this solution about how to keep legacy technologies like SDH/SONET and PDH/DSn operational.

    Featured Product - Anritsu MT1000A
    The NEW MT1000A Network Master Pro – An all-in-one field tester that will redefine the future of your test platform. The NEW MT1000A includes dual port testing and multi-stage OTN mapping of client signals at all data rates – bringing your current and legacy network testing requirements into a single, easy-to-use, light-weight, portable device.

    February 2015

    Increase splice performance and accuracy with proper cleaver maintenance
    Read this solution about how to increase splice performance and accuracy with proper cleaver maintenance.

    Featured Product - FIS LYNX Precision Cleaver
    The FIS LYNX Precision Cleaver provides clean, accurate cleaves required for fusion splicing. LYNX is also ideal for preparing fiber for quick-term style connectors such as Bobtails, UNICAMs and other pre-polished connectors.

    January 2015

    Do different manufacturers' Video Probe Microscopes test connector endfaces to the same standards?
    Read this solution about how video inspection probes used to test connector endface conditions use the IEC 61300-3-35 standard.

    Featured Product - EXFO Fiber Inspection Probe
    This intelligent and automated test tool transforms fiber inspection into a faster and simplified one-step process providing accurate and consistent test results, and preventing the reporting of false-positive results.

    Watch the FIS Video Inspection and Ferrule Endface Cleaning

    December 2014

    Put A Smile On Your End-Face
    Read this solution how to use the proper connector cleaning tools and procedures

    Featured Product - EXFO Fiber Inspection Probe
    Electro-Wash PX universal cleaners/ degreasers are available in a variety of packaging options.

    November 2014

    Simplify Fiber Furcation With Four Easy Steps
    Read this solution on 4-steps to simplify fiber furcation.

    Featured Product - FIS Buffer Tube / Ribbon Fan-Out Kits & FIS Color Coded Breakout Kits
    FIS Fan-Out Kits are designed for a simple and easy breakout from standard Buffer Tubes or Ribbon Cables.

    The FIS 2mm and 3mm Breakout Kits are designed for the quick and simple termination of distribution cables.

    October 2014

    MPO Polarity Methods
    To accommodate different equipment, the orientation of fibers at one end of an MPO cable assembly may differ from that at the opposite end of the assembly. The solution is to know how your fibers must be oriented at opposite ends of the assembly.

    Featured Product - MPO/MTP Cleaners
    Dry cloth cleaners clean connector end-faces from inside bulkheads or mating sleeves without removing connector from the back panel.

    September 2014

    Fusion Splicing
    When fusion splicing, performing an Arc Check or Arc Calibration is the single most important maintenance function a technician should perform. The solution is to watch the step-by-step arc check demonstration.

    Featured Product - FIS Cheetah Splice-On Connector
    The FIS Cheetah SOC™ is the quickrest pre-polished factory terminated pigtail to prepare, splice and install. Watch the helpful how-to-video.