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    19" 12 Port Patch Panels

    3 Port Mini Switch

    3M Hot Melt Connectors & Kits

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    Active Clad Splicer Kit

    Advance OTDR

    Adapter Panels

    AFL FOCIS Flex Fiber Optic Inspection Scope

    Aircheck Wi-Fi Tester

    Anaerobic Tool Kit (SC & LC)

    Armordillo Splice-On Connector

    Attenuator - Air Gap

    Attenuator - Clip-On

    Attenuator - Variable

    Attenuators - 3 Step

    Attenuators - Buildout - Male to Female

    Attenuators - Bulkhead

    Attenuators - Fixed

    Attenuators - In-Line Fixed



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    Back Pack Tool Kit

    Basic Fiber Optic Tool Kit

    Basic Military Took Kit - FIS Blue

    Basic Mini Fiber Optic Tool Kit

    Basic SMPTE Tool Kit - FIS Blue

    Blue Dye Epoxy

    Bobcat OTDR

    Bobcat 2 OTDR

    Bobtail™ Deluxe Multimode Kit

    Bobtail™ Deluxe Singlemode Kit

    Bobtail™ Installation Kit

    Bobtail™ LC Singlemode & Multimode

    Bobtail™ SC Singlemode & Multimode

    Bobtail™ SC 50µm Multimode OM4

    Bobtail™ ST Singlemode & Multimode

    Break-Out Kits - Color Coded

    Buffered Fiber Adapter - SC/ST/FC

    Buffered Fiber Adapter- SMA 905

    Bulkhead Cleaner F1-6715 & F1-6716

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    CA3 - Core Alignment Splicer - FIS

    Cable - SMPTE

    Cable - Tactical

    Cable Reels - FIS Blue

    Canned Air

    Certification Tester - C860

    Certification Tester - C880

    Certifier40G Cable Certifier

    Channel Checker - OCC-55

    Cheetah SOC™ - 900µm

    Cheetah SOC™ Oven

    Cheetah SOC™ UV Cure Station

    Cleaning Kit - FIS Blue

    CMA5000 Series

    Connect-O Clean

    Connector Cleaner

    Connector Heat Oven

    Continuity Tester

    Couplers and WDMs


    CPRI: 1RU-Modular CPRI IP


    CPRI: 2RU-Modular CPRI IP


    CPRI: 4RU HD CPRI IP, 19 Inch

    CPRI: 4RU HD CPRI IP, 23 Inch

    CPRI: 4RU-Modular CPRI IP

    CPRI: Indoor Wall Mount Modular CPRI IP

    CPRI: High Density MPO Mini CPRI Module

    CPRI: Mini CPRI Module

    CPRI: OSP Wall Mount Modular

    CT-30 - AFL Cleaver

    Custom Drilling Service

    CWDM Analyzer

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    Debris Removal Swabs

    DTX 1800 - Fluke

    Deluxe Mini OTDR

    Dual Fusion Splice Tactical Repair Kit - FIS Blue

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    Educational Tool Kit

    Elastomeric Lab Splice

    Epoxy - Quick Cure

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    Fan-Out Kit

    FBP Series

    FC D-Shape Threaded Adapter

    FC Multimode Square Adapter

    FC PC Connector

    FC/APC Connectors

    FC/APC to SC/APC Rectangular Adapter

    FC/APC to SC/APC Square Adapter

    Ferrule - Singlemode & Multimode

    Fiber Identifier - AFL - OFI 200

    Fiber Identifier - EXFO - LFD 300/TG 300

    Fiber Identifier - FITEL

    Fiber Identifier - Wilcom

    Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

    Fiber Optic Cleaver

    Fiber Optic Inspection Probe - FIP400

    Fiber Optic Inspection Scope - Noyes OFS 300

    Fiber Optic Inspection Scope - Noyes VS 300

    Fiber Optic Polisher

    Fiber Optic Splice Closure

    Fiber Optic Talk Set

    Fiber Optic Terminator Connectors

    Fiber Optic Thermal Stripper

    Fiber Optic Tie Wrap

    Fiber Optic Video Microscope

    Fiber Optic Wipes

    Fiber Swipe500

    FiberBasix 50 Series

    Fibrlok II -2529

    Fibrlok II -2539

    Fibrlok™ Splice Installation Kit

    Firecat OTDR

    Firecat 2 OTDR

    FIS Utility / Splice-On Connector Oven Shelf for FITEL Splicers

    Fitel Splice-On Connectors

    Flexible Cable Splice Protector

    Flush Mount Patch Panel: F1-FM1RU3X

    4RU 19" Flush Mount Patch Panel

    FOT-5200 CWDM Analyzer

    FOT - 300 EXFO Optical Loss Test Set

    FOT - 600 EXFO Optical Loss Test Set










    FTB 200


    Fuseconnect Splice-On Connectors

    Fusion Splice Protection Sleeves

    Fusion Ribbon Splice Protection Sleeves

    Fusion Splice Tray

    Fusion Splicing Tool Kit

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    Garrettcom CS Media Converters

    Glass Polish Plate

    Greenlee Professional Knives

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    Hand Held Fiber Optic Inspection Microscope

    Hand Held Video Microscope & Inspection Probe

    HDMI Module - FIS Blue

    Heat Cure Cure Epoxy

    High Performance SC/SPC & FC/APC Cords

    Hot Jacket Ribbon Stripper - AFL

    Hot Jacket Ribbon Stripper - Fitel

    Hot Melt Tool Kit

    HP Series

    Hybrid Male to Female Adapters

    Hybrid Polished UPC to APC Male to Female Adapters

    Hybrid Singlemode Adapters

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    LC Connector

    LC Duplex Mating Sleeve

    LC Quad Mating Sleeve

    LC Simplex Mating Sleeve

    LC/APC Connector

    LC/MU Polish Puck

    Loopback Modules SC & LC

    Low Viscosity Blue Dye Epoxy

    Lynx Cleaver

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    M210 - Noyes

    M310 - Noyes

    M700 - Noyes


    Matching Gel

    Maxtester 930

    MC2 Media Converters - FIS Blue

    Mechanical Splice

    Media Converters (Bridge)

    Microscope - 200x Comapct

    Microscope - Desktop Video

    Microscope - Handheld - 200x/400x

    Microscope - Universal 100x

    Miller FDS Drop Cable Stripper

    Mini OTDR

    Mode Conditioning Patchcords

    MTP Module - FIS


    MU Connector

    MT9090 - Anritsu

    Multifiber Pro

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    Network Interface Device (NID)

    Noyes SMLP5-5

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    OFL 280 - Noyes

    One Step Diamond Film

    Optical Spectrum Analyzer

    Optifiber Pro OTDR

    OPTI-MAG SM Security System 850NM VCSEL

    OPTI-MAG SM Security System 1310NM Laser

    OSP -300 Series

    OSP -400 Series

    OSP -600 Series

    OSP -700 Series

    OSP -800 Series


    Oven Protection Sleeves

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    Patch Cable

    Patch Cable - Platinum

    PC3 - Precision Cleaver

    Pigtail - Gold Tipped

    Pigtail Packs

    Pigtail Packs - Distribution Style

    PIM Tester - Anritsu

    Planar Lightwave Circuit Splitters

    PLC Splitter LGX Cassette

    Pocket Fault Locator - AFL - HiLite

    Pocket Fault Locator - EXFO - FLS-241-Univ

    Pocket Fault Locator - FIS & PFL adapter

    Pocket Fault Locator - Fluke - Visifault

    Pocket Fault Locator - Wilcom

    Polish Film - 3 in 1

    PON Power Meter - FIS E-Series

    PON Power Meter - EXFO

    Portable Video Microscope

    Power Meter & Light Source E-series

    Power Meter & Light Source

    Power Meter & Light Source Kit

    Precision Fiber Strippers

    Protection Sleeve Oven - AFL

    Pulling Eye

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    Rack Mount Coupler & WDMs

    Rack Mount - 144 Port

    Rack Mount - 1RU

    Rack Mount - 2RU

    Rack Mount - 4RU

    Rack Mount - 4RU: Patch & Splice

    Rack Mount - 8RU

    Rack Mount - Swing Out - 1RU

    Rack Mount - Swing Out - 2RU

    Rack Mount - High Density 72 Port

    Restoration Kit - FIS Blue

    Ribbon Fiber Jacket Strippers

    Room Temperature Epoxy


    Ruggedized Power Meter

    Ruggedized Test Set

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    S123 - Fusion Splicer

    S153 - Fusion Splicer

    S178 - Fusion Splicer

    S325A- Fitel Precision Cleaver

    S326A- Fitel Precision Cleaver

    SC & FC APC Polish Puck

    SC Connector - Multimode

    SC Connector - Singlemode

    SC Duplex Mating Sleeves

    SC Female to LC Female Adapters

    SC Mating Sleeves

    SC/APC Connector

    Signamax: Hardened Small Form Pluggable (SFP)

    Signamax Managed POE: 065-7726

    Signamax: 065-7308PO-FP

    Signamax DIN rail Mount Switches

    SMA 905/906 Connectors

    SMA to ST Hybrid Adapter

    SMPTE Test Kit

    SMPTE Tool Kit Test - FIS Blue

    Snap Packs

    Sno-Shoe - Aluminum

    Splice Bridge

    Spiral Boot

    Splice Tent

    Splice Trailer

    Splice Tray: Aluminum 12 Position

    Splice Tray: Aluminum 24 Position

    Splice Tray

    Splice Tray F1-6707BLKF

    ST Connectors

    ST Female to FC Female Adapters

    ST Female to SC Female Adapters

    ST Mating Sleeves

    ST/APC Connectors

    Strain Relief Boots

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    Test Box - Style #1

    Test Box - Style #4

    Test Box - Style #5

    Test Box - Style #7

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    Ultra Splice - US126

    Universal Break-Out Kits

    Universal Connectorization Epoxy Tool Kit (LC/MU)

    Universal Connectorization Epoxy Tool Kit (SC/ST/FC)

    Universal Multimode Test Set Tool Kit

    Universal Oven Block

    Universal Polish Tool - 2.5mm

    Universal Power Supply

    Universal Singlemode Test Set Tool Kit

    USB Probe Scope - 200x

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    Video Scope Probe USB Adapter

    Visual Fault Locator - FIS

    Visual Fault Locator - Wilcom - MTRJ

    Volition MTRJ Duplex Orientation

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    Wall Mount - 12 Port - Patch & Splice

    Wall Mount - 24 Port - Patch & Splice

    Wall Mount - 48 Port - Patch & Splice

    Wall Mount - Mini

    Wall Mount - Economy

    Wall Mount - Deluxe: 2 - 4 Panel

    Wall Mount - Deluxe: 8 Panel

    Wall Mount - Deluxe: 12 Panel

    Wall Mount - 288 Port

    Wall Mount Box - 4 Port

    Wall Mount Enclosure - Patch & Splice

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