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    Meet R.I.T.A.

    “R.I.T.A.” is Fiber Instrument Sales’ “Remote Interactive Technical Assistant” – a revolutionary new means of bringing FIS’ live technical support team

    How R.IT.A. Works

    Let’s say that you purchased a product, such as a fusion splicer, from FIS. You read the owner’s manual, but you are still having a problem with an operating procedure. If our tech support people can’t help you on the phone, they can send the R.I.T.A. system out to assist you.

    RITA in action

    Using R.I.T.A. is Easy

    Just position the product adjacent to R.I.T.A.’s camera and tablet. Next, call our Tech Support Department on the phone. Through the camera, an FIS technician can watch you operate the splicer and will guide you through the correct procedures.

    As our technician explains each step of the process, he or she will highlight features of the splicer on the image that appears on the tablet. Literally, our technician is looking over your shoulder, guiding your every move.*

    *The R.I.T.A. system requires Internet access through WiFi or a wireless signal

    RITA saying Hello

    Do you need R.I.T.A.? Call today.
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