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  • FTTX-1 Class: May 9, 2018 in Louisville, KY

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    Quick Overview

    Lesson One | Introduction to Fiber To The x

    • Evolution of Access Network from a pure copper to an all fiber passive network (basic understanding)

    • Advantages of a Fiber versus Copper network (bandwidth, maintenance, lifecycle cost)

    • Optical Network Architectures ( Point-To-Point Active Ethernet, Fiber to the Node, and Passive Optical Network)

    • Greenfield versus Brownfield construction (explore issues and special considerations)

    Lesson Two | Basic Network Elements and Design Considerations

    • Designing the Head-end or CO (basic North Bound (NI) equipment, racking, etc.)

    • Selecting the best Fiber Access Network Design (Splitter location)

    • Passive components and network construction issues (fiber cable sizing, closures, above or below grade, etc)

    • ONT types (Residential, MDU, etc.)

    Lesson Three | Testing the Network

    • OTDR testing a PON network (using a FTB-1, demonstrate what a splitter looks like)

    • PON Loss testing (Use a EXFO PON test set to measure loss)

    Lesson Four | Provisioning and Maintaining the Network

    • Discuss the intelligent Provisioning Systems

    • Maintenance strategies (evaluation and location of a fault)

    FTTX-1 Class: May 9, 2018 in Louisville, KY

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    Welcome to the Fiber Instrument Sales educational course covering Fiber To The x. The course is designed to help provide a basic understanding of the various ways we can effectively use optical fiber to provide communication services to the end users located in the Last Mile.

    Over the next few hours, we will go on a journey discussing different network architectures and the equipment used to support the delivery of those communication services.

    FTTx is a continually evolving field - filled with new techniques, equipment and solutions all aimed at increasing and enhancing the way services are delivered.

    This course is just one part of an ongoing education covering FTTx. We'll strive to continually update the materials and information presented in these trainings. Again, welcome!