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1 Meter 3mm Simplex Jacketed FC/UPC to FC/UPC- Slow Axis


Short Description


  • Alignment (slow or fast axis) slow axis standard
  • Fiber Specifications
  • Cable Jacket (900µm buffer or 3.0mm)
  • Whether or not the purchased PM assemblies will be used for splicing
  • Insertion Loss <0.5dB
  • Extinction Ratio >25dB


For polarization-sensitive applications, we offer PM fiber optic patchcords with UPC or APC connector finishes.  Available in 900µm and 3mm jacketed versions, these fiber optic patchcords meet or exceed industry standards for applications where polarization sensitivity is a requirement. Important specifications need to be discussed with our Sales Associate upon ordering, such as:  Alignment (slow or fast axis) Fiber Specifications, Fiber Optic Cable Jacket (900µm buffer or 3.0mm), and whether or not the purchased PM fiber optic cable assemblies will be used for splicing. 

Specifications: Insertion Loss <0.5dB, Extinction Ration >25dB.  Contact a sales person for additional specifications and pricing on PM fiber optic jumpers of various lengths.  Specify Fibercore Limited PM optical fiber or Corning PM optical fiber.

In addition to this fiber optic patchcord style, we can provide fiber optic cable assemblies for every application. You can order fiber optic jumper cables terminated with any combination of ST, SC, FC, LC, MT-RJ and VF-45 fiber optic connectors. We can provide custom fiber optic cable assemblies in various lengths, pre-terminated with fiber optic connectors of your choice.