Hands washed….Check. Keyboard cleaned….Check. Laptop scanned for viruses….Check.

Sorry… just a little levity in stressful times.

Just four weeks ago I was teaching a class in Atlanta, GA and now I write this article from my kitchen table quarantined from work trying to do my part and stay healthy. I am sure that many of you are doing the exact same thing. I find myself missing the things that I called my “job” just a few weeks ago. Travel, hotels and long hours that were burdensome then seem almost pleasurable in light of the current situation. When this is over, I believe that many of us will reevaluate and realize how good we really had it.

As we know, the true heroes in all of this are all of the medical professionals on the front lines of this pandemic, putting themselves in harm’s way for the good of everyone, let us all take a moment to appreciate these wonderful people. I would also like to talk about another group that is helping to prevent the spread of this virus and make our times at home easier and more productive.

Telecommunications professionals have spent decades improving network infrastructures around the world, working countless hours to provide bandwidth to all of our homes. I cannot imagine how much worse this could have been without all of the services we take for granted every day, from video conferencing, VPNs, entertainment, online education and more. All of their work got us to where we are today.

Fiber Instrument Sales is dedicated to making this time easier on all of our customers. So how do we achieve this goal?

Video Conferencing

Last year FIS set up a full video conference room to enhance our technical services department. Customers with questions can set up a video conference and our techs can demonstrate any product from our over 10 million dollar inventory. If you are looking at purchasing test equipment we can show several models and manufacturers to make your decision easier. For training, my specialty, feel free to contact Grace Edel, our training coordinator (315-737-2169 or 1-800-500-0347, Extension 2169), and we can schedule a custom video training for your company. FIS has also launched a very successful online training series of 20 individual modules that can be taken at your leisure, perfect when you are sequestered at home.

Online Ordering

As always FIS has its full inventory available online to order at any time. John Russo manages our online ordering and is here for any questions that you may have. While online you will notice a LIVE CHAT button located on the top left of our web site. Click the Chat button and any one of 20 individuals will chat with you about the topic of your choice, from technical information to product quotations, or any other request you have. If you prefer talking with your sales rep continue to do so. Even though many of us are working from home; our salespeople are still available anytime during the day, and they have complete access to our inventory.

Cleaning Products

If any of you have taken my classes you know that this is my soap box issue. Clean, Clean, Clean - The mantra of all good fiber technicians. FIS of course has seen price increases related to cleaning liquids, specifically alcohol, but we are keeping our margins low and we have inventory to ship. Alcohol products do have quantity limitations, so please ask your salesperson before ordering.

With Fiber Instrument Sales inventory, technical expertise and online support our mission is to maintain our level of service during these difficult days. To the over 20,000 FIS University students, technical callers, and customers, please stay safe, and stay healthy. My friends, we will see this through. We are All in this Together.