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Noyes 200X Fiber Optic Scope, 2.5mm Universal Scope Adapter


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The Noyes OFS-300 with universal adapter (ST, FC, and SC) is a versatile instrument used to inspect fiber optic connectors.

  • Operates on 2 "AA" alkaline batteries.
  • Recommended for both multimode and singlemode applications.
  • Connectors slide into scope adapter, providing ease of use with or without tripod.
  • 8° scope adapter available for inspecting angled connectors.
  • Padding wrap with shoulder strap
  • Order tripod separately.
  • Call FIS at 1-800-500-0347 for additional adapters.
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The Noyes OFS-300 Fiber Optic Inspection Scope is a versatile instrument that makes it easy for you to inspect fiber optic connector endfaces for damage and debris. This Fiber Optic Inspection Microscope offers you a choice of models with either 200X or 400X magnification, making these units ideal for inspecting both multimode and singlemode fiber optic connectors. This fiber optic microscope includes a universal fiber optic adapter that accepts a variety of fiber optic connector styles (ST, FC, and SC).

You will find that this Noyes Fiber Optic Inspection Scope is easy to use, with or without a tripod. To inspect your fiber optic connectors, simply slide the connector into the scope adapter. As an option, you can also purchase an 8° scope adapter for inspecting angled fiber optic connectors. A tripod can be ordered separately. Operates on 2 "AA" alkaline batteries. Call for additional fiber optic adapters.