Fiber Optic Equipment Rentals

The FIS Rental Department offers OTDR's, Fusion Splicers and Test Sets, which you may rent for one, two or four-week rental periods. These units are well maintained and calibrated to ensure top performance.

  • Rental fusion splicers include a cleaver and one spare set of electrodes.

  • Rental OTDR's include a launch cable and all required accessories

Fusion Splicer Rentals


OTDR Rentals



The FIS Rental Program has top-rated field fiber optic equipment to increase your productivity quickly.

The FIS has been renting equipment for over 25 years and has the knowledge to support the equipment in the field.  FIS sells the same equipment they rent so they have the expertise you need on the job.  

FIS is the contractor’s choice for renting OTDRs, Power Meters, Optical Loss Test Sets, Fusion Splicers, Copper Twisted Pair Ethernet Testers, Cleavers and Video Inspection Microscopes.  All OTDRs can be paired with send and receive launch cables to accommodate fiber connectors in the network link.  Both certification testers and cost-effective troubleshooters can be rented for short or long term projects.  Choose from recognized leaders in fiber test equipment such as Fiber Instrument Sales (FIS), AFL, Anritsu, EXFO, Fluke and Viavi.   Fusion splicers include precision cleavers, spare electrodes, battery and charging equipment for proven workhorses manufactured by AFL, Sumitomo, OFS/Fitel and Fiber Instrument Sales (FIS).  All units have verification certificates on calibration.


Jesse Simonds

Rental Manager

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