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Fiber Optic Training Overview

John Bruno from Fiber Instrument Sales conducts fiber optic training throughout the US. John will also conduct custom corporate training at your location in addition to his regular training schedule. He explains that even if you have taken one of his classes in the past, you might want to take a refresher. It is important to note that a lot has changed in fiber optics over the past few years and he is constantly updating his material. His classes are always a new experience for those wishing to begin or continue their fiber optic education.

John covers a large swath of topics during his training. The course starts with the basics and the fundamentals. He progresses through connectorization, power meter and light source attenuation testing, and hands on OTDR testing. He then finishes up with an entire section on fusion splicing.

If anyone has questions concerning training and travel logistics, they can please contact Grace Edel, Training Coordinator. As John says, he knows you will enjoy the class. In most instances he will be in a location near you this year. For additional info; contact Grace at or call directly at 1-315-737-2169.

Recommended by people who matter most. Those who have taken the course.

“Our instructor, John Bruno, did a fantastic job of getting our heads in the game early. We were a diverse crowd consisting of purchasers, engineers, installers, technicians and managers, so needs, interests, skill sets and experience varied. That didn’t matter. His ground up approach left no one feeling over or under qualified.” Doug S.


Day 1: Fiber Optics

Basic Fiber Optic Theory
This section provides the basic fundamentals that all fiber optic professionals need. Maybe the most important module everything taught after draws from these fundamentals.

• Advantages of Fiber Optics
• Components in a Link
• Cable Layers
• Singlemode vs. Multimode
      • Fiber Standards (OS2, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4)
• Bend Optimized Fiber
• Multifiber Cable Construction
• Fiber Optic Connectors

Connectorization Workshop
Hands on fiber optic connectorization gives the student all of the skills needed to manufacture SC fiber connectors.

• Cable stripping
• Epoxy Prep
• Crimping and Heating of SC Connector
• Scribing and Polishing of SC Connectors

Polish Examination
Hands on fiber optic connectorization gives the student all of the skills needed to manufacture SC fiber connectors.

• Examples of polishes (good and bad)
• Examination of SC Polish w/ 200x Microscope
• Review of IEC 61300-3-35 Endface Criteria

Day 2: Advance Fiber Optics

Review Test
Review of previous days class with question used to reinforce basic fiber fundamentals.

Lecture and Hands On Power Meter and Light Source Testing
The student will learn the function and operation of Power Meter and Light Source testing. SC cable that was made in day one will be tested by the student to pass/fail criteria.

• Overview of PM and LS
• Testing Procedure
• Hands on testing of SC Fiber Cables Made in Day One

OTDR Lecture
In depth overview of OTDR operation and Trace analysys.

• OTDR overview
• Review of Connector Polishes (APC, UPC, PC, Flat)
• Fusion Splice relationship to OTDR
• Mechanical Splice relationship to OTDR
• How to interpret a Trace
• Graphical trace analysis and trace interpretation

OTDR Hands On
Hands on OTDR testing of a 4 kilometer test box with several events.

• Use overview and operation of Singlemode OTDR
• Trace analysis of Singlemode Test Box

Advanced Fiber Theory
This section is a lecture about advanced technologies used in fiber optics. Lengthy explanation about Wavelength Division Multiplexing.

• Attenuators
• Couplers and Splitters

Fusion Splicing Lecture and Workshop
Maintenance, Arc Checking and Cleaver operations are covered in this section. The student will understand the difference in models and manufacturers along with the fundamentals of splicing technology. Hands on Arc Checking and Fusion splicing will be performed.

• Fusion Splicer Overview
• Splicer Cleaning
• Cleaver Maintenance
• Arc Checking
• Fusion Splicing Hands on

Cheetah Splice on Connector Lecture and Certification
Cheetah Splice on Connector demo is performed and then each student will splice their own connector to receive certification.

• Introduction of SOC connectors
• Installation instruction of SOC connectors
• Student demonstrates installation of SOC Connector
• Certification


Fiber Optic Training is offered by FIS University, which is the training division of Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc. (FIS). Depending on the specific course, classes run from two to three days in length, providing technicians with a solid foundation upon which to build their careers in fiber optics. The hands-on training covers such topics as connectorization techniques, test equipment operation, fu-sion splicing, OTDR operation, network cabling installation and restoration, LAN applications and more. Courses are recognized by leading industry organizations, including BICSI and ETA, and course certificates are awarded upon graduation.

• Fiber Optics I and II is great for beginners as well as seasoned professionals who want to sharpen their skills.
• Classroom sessions provide hands-on instruction with theory, giving students the knowledge needed in today’s fiber optic appli-cations.
• In two consecutive days, students will gain experience with the essential tools used by network installers and technicians. Clas-ses cover fiber optic splicing, termination methods, network testing and more.

Are you looking for fiber optic training uniquely geared for your organization?

FIS University has developed and delivered thousands of customized courses, DVDs, videos, and other training materials for organizations around the world, each geared specifically to the skill levels and subject matters unique to your organization.

Focus, Flexibility and Efficiency: We can design and deliver a custom course geared specifically for your needs, objectives, and staff skill-levels. We can bring our training programs directly to your site(s) and schedule it to meet your business needs.

• Eliminate costly time, travel and accommodations expenses for multiple participants.
• Select a time & location convenient for you.
• Schedule session different corporate locations, over a defined time period.

We can train you on your own equipment, or we can bring the entire program to you….including equip-ment and supplies.

To learn more about FIS University’s Corporate Training Program, contact Grace Edel.





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