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MyQuote - step-by-step instructions

MyQuote is a convenient way for you to shop for FIS fiber optic components using Fiber Instrument Sales' Online Product Catalog.

The system speeds the quoting process and has built-in pricing mechanisms to help ensure that you receive the lowest price possible. You can also request quotes for multiple Pricing Tiers, allowing you to compare pricing for different quantities and combination of products required for your project quotation.

For added assurance, your quote will be reviewed by the FIS Sales Team, including your own Sales Representative, to ensure that every consideration has been taken into account when pricing your quote.

With MyQuote, you can submit your quotes around the clock and usually receive pricing within hours.

To use MyQuote, follow the easy step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1 - Log into your account.

Step 2 - Select item, then click "Add to Quote" button

Cart to quote - Step 1

Step 3 - After clicking "Add to Quote" you will arrive at this page:

Request for Quote

Here you are given three choices:

Continue Shopping - or -

Move to Shopping Cart - or -

Submit Quote Request

If you clicked on "Submit Quote Request," this item becomes the first item added to your quote request.

Note: You can add comments in the box "Remarks with product." However, do not enter comments until AFTER you have added all the desired items to your quote. Otherwise, your comments will be lost when you add the next item to your quote. You can add additional items to the quote, using the same procedures outlined above.

Cart to quote - Step 2

Step 4 - Adjust Quantity And/Or Add Tier

Adjust Quantity - If desired, you can change the quantity of the items that you selected for your quote.

Add Tier - You can also add one or more Tiers. Each Tier enables you to change the quantity for any of the items in your quote. By comparing Tiers, you can see how much you could save for volume purchases. Simply click on "Add Tier" and enter the quantity to be quoted.

Car to Quote - Step 3

Step 5 - Click on "Submit Quote Request" button

Your quote will be sent immediately to our live Sales Reps who are aware of your purchase history and other factors that may entitle you to special discounts.

After submitting your quote you will arrive at this page, which confirms that your quote request has been received.

Cart ot quote - Step 4

Once your quote is processed you will receive an email stating that your quote is ready. Just go to your account page and click on "My Quotes" and then click on "View Quotation."

cart to quote - step 5

After receiving your quote you can choose among three options:

Purchase the items in your quote - Just click on the "Confirm and Checkout" button.

Reject Proposal - Click on "Reject Proposal" button

Change Proposal - To change items and/or quantities in the proposal, click on "Edit Proposal."

*Notice when you are viewing the quote, prices quoted are good through the "Proposal Valid" date shown. Cart to quote - Step 6