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MPO Polarity Methods
To accommodate different equipment, the orientation of fibers at one end of an MPO cable assembly may differ from that at the opposite end of the assembly. MPO connectors are typically "keyed" to further ensure the fiber endfaces are in the correct orientation when inserted into patch panels or equipment ports.

When building your custom MPO cable assembly, it is essential for us to know how your fibers must be oriented at opposite ends of the assembly. Your FIS Sales Representative has tools to help determine the correct orientation of fibers for your specific application.
Straight Through MPO to MPO Polarity (Type A)
Available using Ribbon & Micro Distribution Cable
Reversed MPO to MPO Polarity (Type B)
Available using Ribbon & Micro Distribution Cable
Flipped Pairs MPO to MPO Polarity (Type C)
Available using Micro Distribution Cable
MTP Assemblies, Ribbon Fanouts & Pigtails
Custom Configurations Available
Fiber Instrument Sales offers pre-assembled ribbon fan-out assemblies with your choice of connectors. FIS MTP cable assemblies provide low-loss connections and dependable performance. MTP connectors are available with or without guide pins; be sure to indicate designation upon ordering custom cable assemblies. Fan-out length available in 24" or 36".

Click here to download our custom fiber optic cable assembly configurator reference to assist you in building cable to your exact specifications.

Contact your FIS Sales Representative at 1–800–5000–FIS (347) to help you on your next application or visit
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MPO/MTP Cleaner
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