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John Bruno

Vice President of Training

Robert Licari

Instructor, Sales Engineer, and Test Equipment Product Line Manager

Live online learning. Our course allows people in different locations to interact with each other as well as communicate directly with the instructor. This course will allow you to see all the material and equipment used in our in-person classroom environment.

Interact in real time with your instructor. You will see your instructor via a video feed. It’s just as though you were having a one on one conversation. This real time interaction is as if you were talking face to face. Discussions are always welcome and encouraged.

FREE  Johnny’s Tool Box & fiber optic manual, a $315.00 value, included in training price. This tool box and manual is all you need to follow along for the entire training and it is included in the training price. CONTENTS BELOW.

Experience live exchanges are not only welcomed but encouraged. Our instructors want to get to know the attendees and want to know what issues matter to them most.


Training Dates

September 27-28

October 25-26

November 22-23

Training Breakdown

Only $349.00!

This book was written and compiled by one of the fiber optic industry’s leading instructors, Mr. John Bruno. John has more than 20 years experience training fiber optic professionals. He has trained well over 25,000 students in the two decades as Fiber Instrument Sales lead instructor. This training manual can be used as a tool for FIS University instructors during class, as well as a reference for anyone working in the fiber optic field. The manual begins with the fundamentals of basic fiber optic theory and leads you through connectorization techniques, video microscope operation, power meter & light source theory(OLTS), OTDR theory and testing and finishes up with fusion splicing. This guide comes with a complete and thorough reference section and troubleshooting guide. Every section goes into great detail about each topic. The reference material in this book is informative and easy to understand. It is a must have tool for fiber optic professionals.

Included in Your FREE Johnny's Tool Box:

  • FIS University Training Manual
  • Field Termination Cleaver
  • FIS Mini VFL 2.5mm Adapter w/ black case
  • Miller KS-1 Kevlar Shear
  • FIS Three Hole Fiber Optic Stripper
  • Universal SM & MM Fiber Optic Ultra Splice
  • FIS Simplex 3mm 2 Meters SM SC/UPC-SC/UPC
  • Fiber Optic Alcohol Towelette, (4) 4" x 6"
  • Fiber Scope w/Universal 2.5mm UPC/APC adapter
  • Included Samples: 
    -Simplex – S09SX01CZNRY - 2 Meters
    -Duplex – M50DX02CGNRA - 2 Meters
    -Distribution – S09DI06CZNRY48 - 2 Meters
    -Breakout – M50BK04CGNRA20A - 2 Meters
    -Micro – Distribution – S09MD12CZNPY20 - 2 Meters
    -Loose Tube Gel Filled – FSSC00660 - 2 Meters
    -Indoor/Outdoor – S09IO06CZNRBL48 - 2 Meters
    -Ribbon – S09RB12CZNRY - 2 Meters
    -Aluminum Interlock Armor - S09DI06CZNRY48AIA2 - 2 Meters

Day 1

8 hours: 8am -12pm, 1pm - 5:30pm

Basic Fiber Theory

  • Cleaning
  • Tyndall's Experiment
  • Advantages
  • Components of a Link
  • Principals of light - Index of Refraction, Wavelengths


Simplex vs. Duplex

  • Print String
  • Hands On Stripping of Simplex Cable Jackets


Singlemode Fiber

  • SMF28, SMF28E, AMF 28E+ and SMF28 Ultra
  • WDM
  • CWDM
  • DWDM
  • FTTx


Multimode Fiber

  • OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5
  • SWDM


Bend Optimized Fiber

  • Clear Curve
  • Ultra Fiber


Break - 15 Minutes



Multi-fiber Construction (Samples Provided)

  • Breakout
  • Distribution
  • Micro-Distribution
  • Loose Tube (gel filled)
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Ribbon
  • Armor
  • Corrugated Steel
  • Aluminum Interlocking Armor



  • Connector Installation Methods
  • Epoxy Polish
  • Fusion Splice
  • Mechanical Splice
  • ST, SC, FC, LC
  • MPO Trunk Cables
  • MPO A, B and C polarities


End Face Inspection

  • IEC Standards
  • Singlemode
  • Multimode
  • Visual demonstration of connector probe
  • IEC Test


Hands on use of Handheld Microscope

  • Oblique vs. coaxial
  • Scope provided cable
  • Clean and scope provided Cable


Optical Loss Test SET (OLTS) Procedures

  • Light Source Overview
  • Power Meter Overview
  • Industry Standards Pass/Fail
  • Demonstrate OLTS test Method A (one reference cord)
  • Demonstrate OLTS Test Method B (two reference cords)
  • Optical loss and Power Budgets

Day 2

8 hours: 8am -12pm, 1pm - 5:30pm

OTDR Theory

  • How it Works
  • Events, reflective vs. non-reflective
  • ORL
  • Splicing
  • Bends
  • OTDR Scan Overview
  • Ghosts
  • Gainers
  • Graphic Trace Analysis
  • Live OTDR testing cycle and Demo 


Break - 15 Minutes





Mechanical Splicing Hands On

  • Cut and Strip Provided Patch Cord
  • Cleave Fibers
  • Insert into US126 Splice
  • Verify with VFL


Fusion Splicing Theory

  • Core, Active Cladding and Cladding Alignment
  • Removable vs solid Chicks
  • Cleaver Maintenance and blade rotation
  • Arc Checking
  • Electrodes


Hands on Fusion Splice Demonstration

  • SOC Overview
  • Show 900um and 3mm videos
  • Demonstrate SOC Connectors


Review Test


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