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Online Fiber Optic Training Course - Learn Whenever You Want For Only $195 Per Code

  • Our latest training videos will help you gain an important understanding of fiber optics.
  • Course includes over 9 hours of instructional video's broken into chapters.
  • Once the course is purchased a Code and link to the course will be emailed to you. Click Sign Me Up below to purchase.
  • One certificate per code will be issued once the course is completed.
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World Class Fiber Optic Training. Get Ahead. Stay Ahead.

Learn From an Fiber Optic Industry Expert

This series is based on our extremely popular fiber classes that we have been conducting around the world since 1996. Our online course covers such fiber optic topics as theory, cleaning, troubleshooting, OTDR and fusion splicing. This video series consists of 20 chapters devoted to all fiber optic related topics. At the end of each video is a ten question review quiz that reinforces the topics of that session. When the course is completed the student will take a test and upon passing will receive a certificate of completion from FIS.

Who should take this course?

These training videos are a must for anyone in the fiber optic industry. People with all knowledge levels of fiber optics will benefit. Each video uses easy to understand language.

  • • Save on travel and hotels
  • • More comfortable learning environment
  • • Convenience and flexibility
  • • Greater ability to concentrate
  • • Improve your technical skills
A Perfect Way to Learn

This is a perfect way to learn fiber optics at your own pace. The course can be taken on your computer right at home or work. The program is broken down into 20 individual learning topics. Each will give you an in depth understanding of fiber optics. After each segment a quick multiple choice quiz can be taken to determine how well you are progressing. These videos offer a straight to the point learning experience. From fiber optic history right through to splice on connector termination, these videos are a quick way to pick up the valuable knowledge you need to have an understanding of the fiber optic industry and its’ applications.

Who presents these videos?

Our videos are presented by a well known industry expert, Mr. John Bruno. John has been teaching fiber optics for over 22 years. His down-to-earth’ methods and style have allowed him to train in a variety of industries such as CATV, telephone, mining, broadcast, and various government agencies. Over his career as a fiber optic expert, John has trained more than 20,000 students.

What will I learn?

These videos will answer just about any question you may have concerning the fiber optic industry. Each step by step learning video helps you gain fiber optic experience. The length of each video ranges from approximately 17 to 45 minutes. Below is a list of topics each video will cover.

Course Topics
  • • Fiber Optics History & Advantages
  • • Components of a Fiber Optic Link
  • • Simplex & Duplex Cable Construction
  • • Principals of Light
  • • Characteristics of Singlemode Fiber
  • • Characteristics of Multimode Fiber (Part One)
  • • Characteristics of Multimode Fiber (Part Two)
  • • Fiber Optic Connectors: Past, Present, & Future
  • • Connector Endface Inspection
  • • Testing Fiber with an Optical-Loss Test Set (OLTS)

  • • OTDR Theory (Part One)
  • • OTDR Theory (Part Two)
  • • OTDR Theory (Part Three)
  • • OTDR Testing (Part One)
  • • OTDR Testing (Part Two)
  • • Fusion Splicing Theory & Maintenance
  • • Fundamentals of Fusion Splicing
  • • Single-Fiber & Ribbon Fiber Splicing Fundamentals
  • • Splice-On Connector Termination
  • • Closing
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