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Custom Fiber Optic

Video Conference

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Answer Five Short Questions and Receive:

It’s Smart. Enables you to quickly determine the cost and components needed to expand to a new video conference location.
It’s Simple. Just 5 easy questions and some basic information and you are provided your custom “Technical Drawing” and “Quotation”.
It’s Hassle Free. Decide to purchase and you will receive your custom plug and play kit that includes connector cleaning supplies and installation instructions.

This free custom design software provides a fiber optic gigabit Ethernet system that enables you to extend your video conference locations. Use your existing singlemode fiber system or we can convert your copper RJ45 connection to fiber cable to achieve if needed up to 10,000 meter transmission distance. Expect your existing multimode fiber to achieve 275 meters using OM1, 62.5/125 or 550 meters using OM3, 50/125. The provided backbone fiber optic cable is installed with a pulling eye for easy cable and connector installation.

A simple RJ45 port will be used to connect your separately owned/purchased computer and camera(s). The provided media converter enables a multitude of network choices, not just cameras. Variations of designs are easily provided. Installation instructions are provided with purchase.

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