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FIS Firecat OTDR - Dual Wavelength - SM 1310/1550nm - HH3$2,700.00
FIS Firecat OTDR - Single Wavelength - MM 850nm - HH1$1,995.00
FIS Firecat OTDR - Dual Wavelength - MM 850/1300nm - HH2$2,700.00
FIS Firecat Mini-OTDR, Quad, MM/SM 850/1300/1310/15501$4,500.00
FIS Bobcat SM 1550nm OTDR with VFL & LTS Android Compatible3$2,995.00
FIS Bobcat MM 850nm OTDR with VFL & LTS Android Compatible1$2,995.00
FIS Bobcat MM 850/1300nm OTDR with VFL & LTS Android Comp2$3,495.00
FIS Bobcat Quad 850/1300/1310/1550mn with LTS3$5,495.00
FIS Bobcat II OTDR 850/1300nm Video Scope/Probe/ Loss Test2$4,595.00
FIS Bobcat II OTDR 850/1300/1310/1550nm Video Scope/ Probe2$6,495.00
FIS OVX Quad OTDR 850/1300/1310/1550nm w Loss Test Set2$6,995.00
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AFL Noyes M210 SM OTDR 1310/1550 OPM VFL Soft Case1$4,796.00
AFL Noyes M210 Multimode OTDR 850/1300nm OPM VFL Soft Case2$5,540.00
AFL 1310/1550nm OTDR OLS OPM & VFL UPC English1$4,595.00
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Anritsu CMA5000A Mainframe with MBA1$7,375.00
Anritsu SM 37/36dB 1310/1550nm Module1$7,175.00
Anritsu SM 37/36dB 1310/1550nm Module, +20dBm PM, LS, VFL2$8,675.00
Anritsu MM (62.5) 24/26dB 850/1310nm Module1$6,975.00
Anritsu MM (62.5) 24/26dB 850/1310nm Module +20dB PM, LS,VFL1$8,476.00
Anritsu NetWorks - OTDR Emulation Software2$2,650.00
Anritsu SM 1310/1550nm, 46/46dB Basic OTDR Kit1$10,680.00
Anritsu MT9083C Deluxe CATV OTDR, PM, VFL, Soft Case1$12,675.00
Anritsu SM 1310/1550nm, 38/36.5dB Basic OTDR Kit1$7,880.00
Anritsu SM 1310/1550nm 38/36.5dB Dlxe Kit,PM, VFL, Networks3$9,855.00
Anritsu SM 1310/1550nm 42/41dB Deluxe Kit, PM, VFL, Networks1$11,655.00
Anritsu SM 1310/1550nm 46/46dB Deluxe Kit SC PM VFL Networks1$12,655.00
Anritsu MT9083C2 SM 1310/1550/1625nm 46/46/44dB1$17,205.00
Anritsu MT9090 Deluxe DCFL Kit, 1550nm, VFL, PM, Networks1$3,000.00
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EXFO OTDR SM 1310/1550 36/34dB SC/APC VFL PM WiFi/BlueTooth4$9,767.00
EXFO Max-730B 1310/1550nm 39/37dB SC/APC Connect1$7,495.00
EXFO FTB-1 1310/1550nm 39/37dB VFL PM Triple Play Bundle1$15,330.00