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FIS Cheetah Splice-On Connector (SOC)

The FIS Cheetah Splice On Connector offers a factory terminated, pre-polished connector that meets and exceeds industry expectations for loss, back reflection, and ease of installation. The Cheetah SOC for 900um cable conceals the splice point with our custom SOC boot to allow higher-density packaging by eliminating the need for splice trays. The Cheetah SOC is designed to be used with most industry-leading fusion splicers including (but not limited to) FIS, AFL, Sumitomo, and Fitel.

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Bobtail Quick Termination Connector

FIS Bobtail Connectors provide a pre-polished, quick-termination style connector for an industry-leading value. Bobtails are ideal for many applications including but not limited to, local area networks, restoration work, testing applications, and laboratory settings. The open epoxy canal allows the application of Crazy Glue, Super Glue, or any Cyanoacrylate adhesives. As always your satisfaction is guaranteed or return the connectors for a complete refund.

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Mechanical Splice

The Universal Mechanical Splice provides you with a high-performance, easy-to-install, and reusable fiber optic mechanical splice that is suitable for both emergency and permanent fiber optic installations. The Universal Mechanical Splice is suitable for use in both Singlemode and multimode applications.

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ULTRAsleeve Fusion Protection Cover

With the ULTRAsleeve, you simply load the fused fiber and close the sleeve. There is no heat shrink curing, crimping, or glue needed. The ULTRAsleeve features an acrylic foam tape, which seals the sleeve and protects it from damage. ULTRAsleeve splice protectors can be closed by hand and are installed after the splice is completed.

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