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Customers keep coming back to FIS to get the right patch cable for their network because they can choose from our huge inventory at a great price.

All patch cables are made with Corning Optical Fiber guaranteeing quality and performance.

Custom Your Patch Cable

AFL 70S Promotion

Fiber Optic industry experts, John Bruno and Bob Licari, laughingly promote the AFL 70S fiber optic fusion splicer.

See Why They Love AFL Splicers

Why Are Fiber Optics the Best Solution For Energy Applications?

From renewable energy sources to a city's network infrastructure, FIS is proud to provide a safe, reliable, and clean source of energy transfer such as fiber optic cabling and equipment.

Fiber Optics for Renewable Energy

With fiber optics being eco-friendly in their nature, FIS is able to provide renewable-energy systems with the safety and security of a clean and reliable energy source.

Armordillo Promotional Videos

The Adventures of Rillo
Part 1: The Disconnect

The OFC Conference is coming up but the network at the L.A. Convention Center has mysteriously gone down.  A hero must emerge to deliver a strengthened splice-on connector before it's too late. FIS has the answer!

The Adventures of Rillo
Part 2: Splicing Hairs

As Rillo tries to make his way to OFC, a formidable foe sabotages SOC installations across the country.  Can Rillo help everyone & still get to OFC on time?

The Adventures of Rillo
Part 3: Armored Connections

OFC starts tomorrow but will Rillo get the network back up and running in time?  See the finale now.

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