FIS is the largest manufacturer and leading supplier of fiber optic cable assemblies in USA.

With over 30 years experience manufacturing fiber optic cables all 100% tested to industry standards within an active ISO 9001-2015 certified internal quality program.

Design & Customize Cable, Receive Immediate Pricing, Place Order Online, Expedite Delivery

Pick from one fiber (simplex), two fiber (duplex) or multi-fiber cable of different constructions for installation indoors, indoor/outdoor conditions, industrial settings with interlocking armor protection or ruggedized with steel tape or double jacketing for burial or aerial application in predominantly outdoor environment. Stock fiber types are bend-insensitive Singlemode and Multimode (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and OM5). It’s easy to design a custom terminated fiber cable optic cable with your choice connectors and cable.

Simply choose Fiber Type, Connector Type, Length of Cable, Cable Construction, Polarity and Packaging. FIS manufactures custom cable assemblies from 1 to 288 fibers, these high fiber counts require high accuracy, detailed drawings, special breakouts and special packaging.

Cables are guaranteed free of performance defect. Using a pre-terminated cable reduces onsite expenses associated with installation fiber optic connectors, more experience technicians and overall time spent on the project by carefully installing the cable and verifying test results are within network owner’s parameters.

Speak with an FIS sales representative: to receive a part number, custom cable drawing, pricing, delivery information, production updates or design questions.

After you complete custom cable design Call 800-500-0347 for a salesperson or place order online.


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