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Request a Sample: FIS Cheetah and ARMORdillo Splice-On Connectors (SOC)

Pack of Splice On Connectors

FIS Cheetah and ARMORdillo splice on connectors offer a factory terminated, pre-polished connector that meets and exceeds industry expectations for loss, back reflection, and ease of installation. The Cheetah SOC for 900um cable conceals the splice point with out custom SOC boot to allow a higher density package by eliminating the need for splice trays. The ARMORdillo takes the same technology with using a brass crimp sleeve which protects the splice point from impact while attaching the kevlar to the backbody ensuring maximum pull strength. Both the Cheetah and the ARMORdillo SOC are designed to be used with most industry leading fusion splicers including (but not limited to) FIS, AFL, Sumitomo, and Fitel.

Your sample should arrive within 5-7 business days. For more information please contact FIS or call 800-5000-FIS.

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