Firmware and Resource File Upgrades

1. Turn on instrument and download the firmware (Right-Click/Save As) and resource file (Right-Click/Save As) upgrades onto your PC desktop.


2. Start the PC software.


3. Connect the instrument to the computer with a USB cable.


4. Wait for the instrument to connect to the software, indicated by the connection icon in upper right corner of the window.


5. Under the "Help" menu in the software click "Firmware Upgrade".


6. In the small window that pops up click the "Select Upgrade File" button.


7. Navigate to the binary upgrade file(.BIN) provided and select it.


8. Wait for upgrade file to be uploaded from the PC to the instrument (indicated by the progress bar on the PC software).


9. Wait for the firmware upgrade to complete on the instrument (indicated on the instruments screen).


10. The unit will automatically restart after the firmware update.


11. Reconnect to the PC software.


12. Under the "Help" menu click "Upload Resource Files".


13. Click the "Select Resource File" button.


14. Navigate to and select the provided resource zip file.


15. Wait for the files to the transferred to the instrument.


16. Restart the instrument when prompted.

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