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Fiber Optic Cleaning Products Guide

Cleaning Fiber Optics is Important

Any time you are working with fiber optics in your network cleaning your fiber optic cable and connectors is an important step to remember. Cleaning your fiber first can help you accurately troubleshoot your fiber optic network connection. So many times installers spend extra money and time replacing patch cords and cable runs when a good cleaning would have improved the transmission signal.

Isopropyl Alcohol Bottle

Bottled Isopropyl Alcohol

99% Grade, our 28oz bottles.

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Canned Isopropyl Alcohol

Canned Isopropyl Alcohol

This 99% reagent grade isopropyl is used in cleaning fiber or fiber optic connector endfaces for better transmission performance.

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Pre-Moistened Alcohol Wipes

Pre-Moistened Fiber Optic Alcohol Wipes

Fast evaporating alcohol pre-moistened wipes can be used with optical fiber to remove dirt, dust and oils. Contains: Isopropanol

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Fiber Optic Cleaning Solution

Fiber Optic Cleaning Solution

This fast-acting cleaner can be used with dry fiber wipes or tissues to remove dirt and soils from optical fibers prior to termination and fiber optic splicing or to clean the end of connector ferrules.

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Fiber Optic Wipes

Fiber Optic Wipes

Non-Woven cloth wipes can be used alone or with alcohol or solvents. Provides superior cleaning of fiber optic connector ferrules without risk of scratching or lint residue.

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Fiber Optic Lint Free Tissues

Fiber Optic Lint-Free Tissues

These inexpensive tissues can be used dry or with several cleaning solvents to clean off ferrule endfaces or prepare fibers for termination and/or splicing.

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Alcohol Pump Spray Top

Bottled Alcohol w/Spray Top

Our 8oz spray bottles are available in glass and plastic as well.

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Fiber Optic Disposal Unit

Fiber Optic Disposal Unit

A handy and safe solution for disposing of cleaved fiber ends. Perfect for on-site installers. Snap-on cover has holes for receiving fiber pieces or cover may be removed to expose plastic catch webbing.

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Fiber Optic Swabs

Fiber Optic Cleaning Swabs

When cleaning connector endfaces inside bulkheads, mating sleeves and other recessed areas, you'll appreciate the extended reach that our 2.5mm and 1.25mm swabs provide. Choose from wrapped swabs, foam swabs or general purpose cotton swabs.

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Canned Air

Canned Air For Fiber Optics

Before removing a fiber optic connector for inpection or cleaning, make sure the area around the connector is free from dust. The FIS Micro Duster includes an extension nozzle to provide a powerful blast of air to remove particles from areas that are otherwise inaccessible. Competitively priced.

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Matching Gel

Fiber Optic Matching Gel

To reduce optical loss within fiber optic mechanical splices and connectors, apply optical couplant at the interface of the two matted fibers. This minimizes loss by reducing the difference in the index of refraction between the mated fibers.

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Piano Wire

Fiber Optic Piano Wire

A smart way to save a connector when a fiber breaks inside a ferrule during connectorization. Also an excellent tool to remove broken fiber from bare fiber adapters. The 0.004" (110um) diameter wire is also used in the connectorization process to apply epoxy to protruding fiber at ferrule. Sticky colored tabs provided to hold wire.

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