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There are so many kinds of fusion splicers on the market. Use this page as a "Fusion Splicer Directory" where you can see what fusion splicers are avalable in todays market; where fusion splicer technology is going, and which fusion splicer is best for what you want to do. We hope the information found here will help you save money and receive the best piece of equipment available for your fiber optic needs. If you have questions feel free to call our team of fusion splicer experts at 1-800-500-0347 (315-736-2206) or get fusion splicer tech support online.

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FIS CA3 Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

FIS CA-3 Core Alignment Splicer

The New CA3 Core Alignment Fusion Splicer is designed with the splice technician in mind. The CA3 offers fast splice and heating times, excellent environmental performance, and a standard kit package with precision cleaver and two extended life batteries. Users have the option of operating the unit with integrated hard keys, or a new ultra-sensitive 4.3'' LCD (tempered glass) touch screen. Fast, low-loss splice performance and compatibility with FIS Cheetah Splice-On Connectors make this fusion splicer perfect for premise and long haul OSP applications.

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AFL 19S Fusion Splicer

AFL 19S Fusion Splicer

The FSM-19S is a low cost, fixed v-groove single fiber splicer with similar features found on the FSM-70S. The 19S has added automated and enhanced user control features to increase splicing efficiency.

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Shop AFL 19S Fusion Splicer Kit (with cleaver)

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Sumitomo Type Q102CA

Sumitomo Type Q102CA Quantum Fusion Splicer

Maintaining all of the industry-leading features of the previous Q101, the new fusion splicer continues to raise the bar in performance and reliability. 5 second splice and 9 second heating times coupled with Sumitomo’s patented dual independent ovens improve efficiency by over 80% for perfectly streamlined and consecutive splices.

The Q102-CA’s completely redesigned user interface provides a “smartphone-like” experience for inspecting minute areas of fiber with a simple drag and zoom. The new fusion splicer also features a new rugged frame withstanding twice the shock as the previous generation.

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Fitel S153A Fusion Splicer

Fitel S153A Fusion Splicer

The FITEL S153 Fusion Splicer uses new Active V-Groove Technology to deliver low loss splices while helping to eliminate common Fixed V-groove splicing errors. Equipped with a new alignment system that can save up to 20% on splicing time, the S153 splicer's improved heating mechanism can also reduce protection sleeve shrink time by more than 30%. In addition, a newly incorporated USB 2.0 interface speeds PC communication and image/video transfer, while enhancing reliability.

Shop S153 Extended Kit with 250um and 900um Fiber Holders