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Our Story

Our Mission

Provide the industry with superior fiber optic products and educational information.

Supported by only the highest trained technicians. Every day we come to work with the idea of using our expertise to help people make more informed decisions. Let’s face it. At times the fiber optic business can be tricky. Our goal is to make information available so that product purchasing is done efficiently, economically and at less expense for our partners.

The Beginning - an Emphasis on Education

Fiber Instrument Sales was founded by Frank Giotto in 1985. In Upstate New York where we still are today. After all this is home. Frank felt there was a need for a company that not only distributed fiber optic product but one that was educated and fully understood the industry. That’s why over 90% of our people have completed our extensive Fiber Optics I and II Training Program. This program has been offered to the public for over 23 years and has trained over 10,000 people during that time. Our customers depend on our fiber optic expertise. That’s why training is always ongoing here at FIS.

Company Overview Video

Fiber Instrument Sales is a leading manufacturer and distributor of fiber optic products with administrative, manufacturing and product warehousing facilities in locations around the United States. Fiber Instrument Sales headquarters and primary manufacturing locations are in Oriskany New York approximately 230 miles northwest of New York City. The company's products are used worldwide in telecom, broadband, broadcast, aerospace, transportation, professional sport and entertainment industries for both commercial and government applications by over 15,000 customers in more than 110 countries. The company's capital investments and reinvestments in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, strategic acquisitions and constant employee development programs have been key to Fiber Instrument Sales growth and success. From FIS inception in 1985 founder and CEO Frank Giotto has instilled in the company's employees a work ethic committed to unwavering product quality, brand reliability and leading-edge innovation it's through Mr. Giotto's leadership that the company's employees and staff have made Fiber Instrument Sales the internationally recognized leader in the fiber optics marketplace.

FIS is leadership is recognized not only in the markets in which it participates but also within the communities hosting its facilities providing progressive employees and a greater work force. Over its past 31 years the company's commitment to employee development has yielded thousands of qualified fiber related manufacturing experts, tech sector influencers and also career building opportunities for youths, seniors, and veterans. Fiber Instrument Sales is also an avid supporter of community scholarships and notable charity initiative we invite you to learn more about Fiber Instrument Sales its role in the marketplace and possibly its role in your community by contacting us.

Today - the Emphasis Continues

From beginning, right up until today, FIS continues to educate, grow and innovate. We have become one of the nation’s leading fiber optic manufacturers and distributors. Our inventory includes the most complete line of communication fiber optics, connectors, cable, cable assemblies, fiber optic consumable items including Category 5e and 6 cabling. We also carry fiber optic security systems, active network equipment, test equipment and tool kits.

We are excited to see our company grow and flourish. EEven more importantly, FIS is a place to learn and inform our friends in the fiber optic industry. Information is power and that power makes us all more successful. Whenever a customer makes an inquiry about a fiber optic application they know that FIS is there to support them.

What makes our company different? We are eager to learn and pass our knowledge along to make our customers more successful in the fiber optic industry. We are 220 people strong with customers in 110 countries. FIS is able to provide over 10 million dollars of product from our 90,000 sq ft facility. With our knowledge, inventory and state of the art facility the FIS family of experts is excited to get to work each and every day ready to assist you.

The Numbers

    • Over 275,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing, warehouse, R&D, and administrative office space.
    • Over 220 employees
    • International in scope, serving customers in 110 countries. 
    • US manufacturer/distributor/custom manufacturer
    • High level technical support and training