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Fiber Optic Connectors

Whether you are installing a brand new fiber optic network or repairing a legacy system using this fiber optic connector guide will help you determine what kind of connector you are looking at or what type of connector you need to replace.

The List below is a great tool for identifying fiber optic connectors. Use it for reference and even to help you choose the what connectors you should use on your next fiber optic project.

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Connector Types

Fiber Optic ST Connectors
Fiber Optic FC Connectors

ST Connector

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The ST connector utilizes a bayonet twist-lock connection with 2.5mm ferrule. Available in singlemode and multimode, the ST connector features reliable and durable field installation.The design of the FIS ST connector enables installers to crimp the back of the body directly onto the cable jacket and Kevlar®.

FC Connector

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FC connectors are specifically designed for telecommunication applications and provide non-optical disconnect performance. Designed with a threaded coupling for durable connections. The ferrule is PC finished to a pre-radius, which ensures low back reflection. The FIS FC connector is available with zirconia or stainless alloy ferrules.

Fiber Optic LC Connector
Fiber Optic SC Sonnector

LC Connector

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The LC connector licensed by Lucent Technologies provides a pull-proof design and small size perfect for high-density applications. Available in simplex or duplex versions. The LC connector is provided with a 1.25mm zirconia ferrule. The LC also incorporates a unique latching mechanism providing stability in system rack mounts.


SC Connector

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The SC is a non-optical disconnect connector with a 2.5mm pre-radiused zirconia ferrule. Available in simplex and duplex styles, this connector features a push-pull connection design for quick patching of cables into rack or wall mounts. Utilize the reusable duplex holding clip to create duplex connections.

Fiber Optic MTP Connector
Fiber Optic MU Connector

MTP Connector

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The US CONEC® MTP® is a MPO compatible connector that provides quick and reliable connection for up to 12 fibers. Available in singlemode with a typical loss of 0.25dB and multimode with a loss of 0.20dB. Four and eight fiber MTP® connectors are available. Singlemode ferrules are designed to be polished to an 8º angle.


MU Connector

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The MU connector is designed for high-density connections. This small single-fiber connector has a high level of performance, providing more than double the packaging density of the SC connector.

Fiber Optic D4 Connectors
Fiber Optic ESCON Connector

D4 Connector

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The FIS non-optical disconnect D4 connector features threaded parts that reduce complexity and assembly time.


ESCON Connector

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Escon describes a duplex connector using a free-floating ferrule structure and a positive latching mechanism. Uses standard ST polish disc and a special two-die crimper. Escon is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation.

Fiber Optic FDDI Connector
Fiber Optic Biconic Connector

FDDI Connector

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For your multimode FDDI connector requirements choose from a selection of AMP and Molex connectors. AMP FDDI connectors combine low loss with positive side latch mating, polarization, keying and fiber strain relief. All connectors have zirconia ferrules.


Biconic Connector

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The Biconic connector with a polymer ferrule provides top performance for multimode and singlemode applications. Call for Availability.

Fiber Optic SMA 905 & 906 Connectors

SMA 905 & 906 Connectors

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The SMA 905 and 906 multimode connectors are available with stainless alloy or stainless steel ferrules. The FIS stainless alloy ferrule may be drilled from 240μm up to 1550μm to accept various fiber sizes. When installing 906 SMA’s into 905 SMA mating sleeves, a provided 1/2 sleeve must be installed on the 906 ferrule.




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