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  1. Fiber Optic Cable Jacket Removal Tools

    Fiber Optic Cable Jacket Removal Tools Tools of the Fiber Optic Trade Working with fiber optic cables requires you to have a variety of tools in your truck because you never know what type of cable you will be working on. There are many different types of fiber cables available, so there are also a variety of tools that will help make the job of cable preparation easier. Fiber optic Read more...
  2. Cable Jacket Ratings

    Cable Jacket Ratings Many technicians ask, "Where to use what type of jacketing."   In the fiber optic industry we have all probably seen the words, plenum or riser in our day because these are two of the most common jacket types in the United States. But there are other options out there that are lesser known and talked about - such as Low Smoke Zero Halogen ( Read more...

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